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2022 Wall Calendar

We've made the 2022 Desk Calendar into a Wall Calendar! The wall calendar is robust at 9.75" wide and 17.25" tall and features nearly identical designs. If you want to make a beautiful statement on your office wall, the 2022 Wall Calendar will make it happen! Each month features a new surface pattern design by Jenny Bova, and the dates and days of the month are listed below. If you're into recycling, the images are large! You'll be able to make a framed art gallery, postcards, or other crafty items at the end of the year. 

Prefer a smaller format? Check out the Desk Calendar version

Sizes: 9.5x17.25 inch

Peek Into Jenny's Process

Jenny starts each and every design by hand. Painting, drawing & printing artwork in her studio is the essence of each work, adding details that can never be replicated digitally. Not one to shy away from the magic of Photoshop, Jenny uses technology sparingly, but wisely. Perfectly imperfect, we like to call it. Each pattern is in perfect repeat, and each design shows the artists hand.