New Downloadable Weekly Planners Added to the Shop

Who doesn't love a good plan? Our Floral Bouquet pattern adorns the new series of planner pages in the shop. We expanded the series to include a grocery list, a meal planner and a weekly schedule. 

I'm super weird about taking my phone out in public places where I'm touching other things (the grocery) so a paper list is so handy. If you are a meal planner, then the list and the meal planner work hand-in-hand and minimize trips to the store. The Weekly Schedule is my go-to planner for blocking my time each week. I can't live without it!

Now can choose from the Grocery List, the Meal Planner, or the Weekly Schedule page. Better yet, get all 3 at a reduced rate.You can download them now and print them on your own printer. Each page is designed to be printed on 8.5x11 inch letter paper.