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Modern Charm, Every Day

Jenny Bova is the artist behind her namesake brand. Her signature style is both charming and evocative, with each pattern telling a story that inspires connection & creativity everyday.

Meet Jenny:

I am all about leaning in to live your most creative and fulfilling life. My goal is to offer products that make you feel more "you" and that resonate with your soul. I create designs with intention, for people who want to live with things they will cherish for years to come.

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Did You Know?

All of our products,with the exception of desk mats and iPhone cases, come wrapped in one of our custom tissue papers. We also offer gift wrapping with beautiful thick wrapping paper showcasing Jenny's exclusive designs.

With the growing popularity of artificial intelligence, Jenny talks about the human touch and physicality of a real work of art, and why that will always have value in our society.
See Jenny's February 2023 Inspiration Board. If you like cheerful flowers, you're going to love it!
The second in my series of posts about our in-law suite/ studio. We are making progress!