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Among Good Company

It's always a pleasure to have my work included among artists and designers I admire. This year my 2023 Desk Calendar was included in a list of artists calendar's on Makeist. Jen Mayer, an artist and designer, shows what she's been working on, discovering, and cooking. Right up my alley! 

makeist web page showing 2023 Artists Calendar Roundup Blog Post

For the last few years, my alma matter (one of them), Bates College, has done an alumni gift list. It's fun to reach fellow Batsies from all around the world through this list. Almost every order includes a note on how they found me and what year they graduated. It feels like every one of these orders goes out to a friend. 

 Image of Bates College 2022 Gift Guide on the Bates alumni web page. Artists tab is shown with Jenny Bova listing below.

 I'm happy to be included in these publications, as it feels like I'm among friends. Thanks to Jen & Makeist, as well at Bates College. 

handwritten jenny sign-off

With the growing popularity of artificial intelligence, Jenny talks about the human touch and physicality of a real work of art, and why that will always have value in our society.
See Jenny's February 2023 Inspiration Board. If you like cheerful flowers, you're going to love it!
The second in my series of posts about our in-law suite/ studio. We are making progress!