August Inspiration & Color

Summer Vibes

This soft summer palette just felt right for August. It's feminine and soft, but not too sweet. My pattern this month is one that I reworked. I like to go back and rework and recolor pattern designs that I created a long time ago.  I'm reworking a different collection for tabletop this month. It's good to freshen things up, especially when the design is timeless. Happy August!

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A collage of images featuring pinks and off white. One image is an abstract design by Jenny Bova. Other images are floral and buildings in Paris. A series of solid color blocks is across the bottom, and the Jenny Bova logo is on the left. the format is a rectangle



handwritten jenny sign-off



Color & pattern inspiration for July is inspired by the moment just after the sun sets but the sky is still glowing.
This is one of our most popular color palettes yet, and it's all about summer. See it here.
A walk through the garden with Jenny, and a quick look at the floral and garden themed prints designed for products.