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February Inspiration & Color

After the entire household got sick, one after the next, over the last month, I decided the artwork I had created for my monthly email back in January wouldn't cut it. I needed some cheer! Send in the flowers for February. 

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A collage of images featuring pink, green, and purple. One images is a floral pattern design by Jenny Bova, one is a texture, and the others are flowers. A series of solid color blocks is across the bottom, and the Jenny Bova logo is on the left


handwritten jenny sign-off

With the growing popularity of artificial intelligence, Jenny talks about the human touch and physicality of a real work of art, and why that will always have value in our society.
See Jenny's February 2023 Inspiration Board. If you like cheerful flowers, you're going to love it!
The second in my series of posts about our in-law suite/ studio. We are making progress!