Four Classic Interior Textiles

A few of My All-time favorite patterns for interiors

If you've been here for a minute, you know that I've been an interior designer for many years. As a creator and curator of prints, I am always looking for designs that have an emotional component. I firmly believe that designing with a classic pattern that you love will help you create a room with staying power. 

I firmly believe that designing with a classic pattern that you love will help you create a room with staying power.

As I balance my days between pattern design and interiors, I thought I would share a few of my all-time favorite patterns by some of the most iconic names in interior design, plus a newish (less than 30 years, vs over 100) company that has designs destined to become classics.

Designing & manufacturing textiles for interior design is a dedicated endeavor. I’ve thought about it, but I don’t think I could limit myself to the few patterns I’d be able to start with. My sweet spot is more in the licensing realm.  I would love for my designs to be picked up by one of these iconic companies but in the meantime, I'll share four of my favorite designs. I could easily have made it a top 20 list. This wasn’t easy!

 cowtan and tout's babylon pattern in pink

1. Babylon by Cowtan & Tout

I adore this fabric in every single colorway. It’s got a tonal feel, even though it is pretty complex. It’s got a beautiful hand and looks even better in person. This is the kind of print that can bring a room and all of its disjointed parts together in a flash. It’s a show-stopper. 


Lee Jofa Bradstock Hand Blocked linen

2. Lee Jofa Bradstock Handblock

I like this one so much I have it in my house. It used to be in our living room, but when we renovated that room became a cozy blue on blue nook. I couldn’t part with the chair or pillows it was on, so now they live in the guest room, and it’s perfect in there. It’s since been discontinued, but I still think it’s amazing. 



Galbraith & Paul Lotus Wallpaper in Inigo. Design by Walsh Hill

3. Lotus by Galbraith & Paul (interior design by Walsh Hill)

Lotus is a pattern that I love every time I see it. I haven’t had the pleasure of using it yet, but I will. It makes such a great impact, and the simplicity of 3 colors (you can choose any combination you want, as everything is custom made) is just enough. I think this one is destined to become a classic, so I’m putting it on my list. If you want to make a statement in the most elegant way, pick Lotus!



zanzibar fabric from F Schumacher in color hyacinth

4. Zanzibar by F. Schumacher  

I can’t get enough of Zanzibar, especially in Hyacinth. I’m currently working with this pattern and I love everything about it. It’s tonal (mostly cool colors) with a wide range of values. The design reminds me of ancient Indian textiles with its intricacy and detail. Gorgeous!

These are the classic textiles that keep me striving to create patterns filled with character and emotion. I feel grateful that I get to both work with them and be inspired by them. 

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