Gifts for Artists: A Guide

I love giving gifts! In fact, the second year I made my calendar it was only because I wanted to be able to give them as gifts (true story… I’m a bit more focused now). I am always on the lookout for gifts that are creative and beautiful, but also build a point of connection between you and the person to whom you are giving the gift. That’s what it’s all about, right?

Sure, everyone loves a gift card, but how can you make the gift card more personal? I always give gift cards with something else. Something small and meaningful. Or I find something I love. As a maker, of course I’m going to include my own work on this list, but I’m also including things you may not already know about that I absolutely love.


Desire Map Planner


Desire Map Planner

The Desire Map Planner is one of my all-time favorite gifts. This is my favorite personal planner. (Creative business planner, See Below!) This system is great for people who like to think about goals in a different way. It all starts with how you want to feel, and then you work backwards into how your days should go to help you get there. When it comes to prompts and getting you to think beyond your to-do list, the Desire Map is the way to go. Check it out here. (NOTE: The Desire Map Planner was discontinued in late 2021. Many other planners still use the same technique.)

Clint Bova Landscape

Clint Bova Painting

I love to give art, and I love to get it too. It just so happens that my husband and Bova Creative Co-Founder is an amazing landscape painter. Have you seen his website? Right now he has several original oil paintings available in sizes up to 24x30”. You can shop online— how could it be any easier? Check them out HERE.


Kelly Ventura’s Hand Painted Ornaments

Hand Painted ornaments

This photo came from Kelly Ventura’s Instagram where she is having a giveaway. If you aren’t the lucky winner of one of these beauties (none are for sale), check out Liberty of London for pretty ornaments. Anthropologie also does a great job of ornaments that really look and feel handmade. However, I couldn’t leave Anthro without buying….


Anthropologie Blizzard Pom Wreath

The Pom Pom Wreath

I like my front door to feel finished. There is always that time between Christmas and Spring where you’re just kind of winging it. This feels like winter and will look good on my black door. (I did not successfully make it through creating this list without spending. Sigh). Find it HERE.

Living With Pattern by Rebecca Atwood

Rebecca Atwood’s Book “Living With Pattern”

Rebecca Atwood’s book is great for anyone who wants to learn more about how to live with patterns. Her textile designs and bedding are dreamy. Her Manhattan shop is on my list of places to visit when I’m back in New York again. If you’re feeling extra generous, gift her new book too, Living With Color. You can find Living With Pattern HERE.

Jenny Bova 2020 Desk Calendar


2020 Desk Calendar

If you know me, you’ve already heard all about the 2020 Desk Calendar. It’s our favorite to give with gift cards, especially to teachers. Got parties? Give this as a hostess gift. It lasts longer, and it's way more original than another bottle of wine. She’ll think of you all year long. Find it HERE.


The Design Trust 2020 Planner

Design Trust Planner

Formerly the Dream Plan Do Planner, the 2020 version is now part of The Design Trust. As a creative business owner, this is my favorite business planner. It has helped me focus and accomplish a lot, especially over the last few years. I’m excited to dig into the 2020 version and will share in another blog post when I do. I can’t stress enough how valuable this tool is for all designers who run their own business. If you know a designer, maker, creator, or painter this is a GREAT gift. Find it HERE.

Custom Pie Plate by Beth Digman

Family Recipe Pie Plate

I found this on Etsy! I come from a family of cooks and bakers. My Mom is, and both grandmothers were great bakers and cooks. I printed fabric with my grandmother’s handwritten recipes on them and made them into tea towels for my Mom a few years back. That’s a bit more involved, but if you’re feeling crafty check out the Spoonflower Blog. If you want it done for you, head over to Etsy and check out Beth’s shop HERE.


Dictionary of Color Combinations

Dictionary of Color Combinations

Another design related gift, but it can go for anyone who likes to be creative. Think about rooms or paintings or patterns. Even outfits. If you’re looking to provide a bit of inspiration, the Dictionary of Color Combinations is a good bet. While you’re over at Best Made, peruse the site a bit. If you have rugged, tool-loving type in your home this is a great find. It’s the good stuff. The kind they won’t usually buy for themselves but will love owning.  UPDATE: Best Made was purchased by Deluth Trading, but has now been purchased back by its original owner and founder. They are not up and running as of this December 2023 update. 


Mini Octagonal Glass Tray

Mini Octagonal Glass Tray

Another one from my shop. If I didn’t love them, I wouldn’t make them. Each one of these is one-of-a-kind and handmade in our studio. Each features on of my pattern designs and is gold leafed on the back. I love them for my keeping my jewelry, the little things beside my bed, and on my desk. Find them HERE.

Happy Shopping!

Important note: I did not ask any of the above companies to give me samples or pay me for my list. I just really like this stuff. The only exception is that I have a Danielle LaPorte affiliate link. If you buy through my link I will get credit. I wouldn’t include it if I didn’t love the Desire Map Planner. Everything on this list is from my heart.


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