Grateful: It's The Little Things


At the top of my gratitude list is always the health and wellbeing of my family. As Gary Vee says, "If you wake up and everyone you love is in good health, it's a great day." First, last, and always. I have so much for which to be grateful. But what about the little things? What are the things that sparked joy in you this week? I'll share mine to get the gratitude flowing. 

The light in my studio

I am still getting acclimated to the new space, but so far there isn't anything I don't love. The natural light streams into my space in such a beautiful way. The other day it was so warm that I opened the window to enjoy some fresh air. I had about 20 deer friends (yes, Bambi & Co.) waltz by and keep me company. I heard the leaves crunching under their feet and their bleats to one another. I love that they had no idea I was there. 

studio table with watercolor palette, paints, and light streaming in


Rediscovering how much I like to belt out REM tunes. 

I am a big fan of The Smartless Podcast. I love the wit of Jason, Will, and Sean. This week the guest was Michael Stipe. Of course, as soon as it finished listening, I switched my Spotify over to REM to relive all of my favorites. For the most part, I know every word. And yes, I sang them all. 



The fireplace works again!

Before the chill of autumn arrived, I remembered that the fireplace when we tried it last winter. We attempted all of the tricks we knew (and some new ones) to no avail. I called early enough in the season that we only wait 3 weeks. Voila. We've got fire again. Bring on the snow!


lit stone firplace with black screen and firebox


Carpet on the basement stairs

It is embarrassing to admit that we didn't install the carpet on our basement stairs after we renovated. We wanted to use the glossy black paint for the treads, but it is a laborious process. All of the painters we talked to told us we had to send our dogs away and turn off the central air or they wouldn't do it. Then covid hit and nothing happened. Finally, last year on my birthday I told Clint I wanted the stairs painted. Within a few weeks he just did it himself, and it looks great. I called the carpet installer right after it was done, but then I got distracted with the studio construction. Last week was my week. The installer called back and said he had an opening the next day. It's a little thing, but it's long overdue. HaPpY!!


white stairs with black treads and striped blue and black carpet runner


Nugget Ice

How much more specific can you get? I love ice tea with nugget ice. It's a simple pleasure, but honestly, that nugget ice maker is one of my favorite things in this house. I've tried to baby it with regular maintenance and care. Despite my efforts, it wasn't making much ice at all. I had the filter changed and it worked slightly better. Before you judge, I tried to do it myself, but an inline filter that is screwed to the wall at the back of the cabinet is a job for the plumber. I would have flooded the place. Changing the filter made a little more ice, but it came in black from the charcoal. I did a maintenance clean that afternoon. Still not much more ice. The next day my friend and yours, YouTube, told me to clean all of the vents and any of the air intakes I could reach. Within an hour it was pumping out ice like mad. The nugget ice is BACK and that is such a nice thing. 

nugget ice in a scoop


Gratitude is perpetual, really. When we look at our world carefully, even in the midst of chaos, we can find small things that make us happy. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


handwritten jenny sign-off




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