In The Garden: Living Patterns

A constant source of inspiration

Last week, when I was walking back home from the studio, something pink in the back corner of the garden caught my eye. I kept walking because I was in need of a shower after spreading topsoil, seeding, and topping the soon-to-be lawn with straw. Two days later I remembered to go find the pink mystery. Low and behold, a pink peony, a bit past its prime, was almost out of sight. It had drooped behind a boxwood. It was too far gone to photograph. 

The thing is, I don't remember planting it! I think it came from a box of dahlia tubers last year or the year before as a "free gift." I didn't have a sunny spot for it except that lower corner of the garden. Since it came in so well, I may need to get it a few friends for it in the coming years.


white gardenia in a pot surrounded by green
A potted gardenia on the patio surrounded by greens

Being in the garden or even walking through it on the way to the studio inspires me. I planned each bed, but mother nature is really in charge. My hand sometimes helps and sometimes hurts, even if I'm trying my best. I've come to realize that the pattern and color that emerge are almost entirely up to forces beyond my scope. I'm often surprised at how something I have planted has grown. 

view of a patio and pergola with planted bed in between
The view as I walk home from the studio

No garden is ever finished. This is something I keep telling myself. The bed that looked great last year is now chock full with too many plants. The gorgeous caryopteris that I planted last year (not shown here), and that bloomed beautifully, are more than half dead. I have to find beauty in the sticks, not just the blooms. Now that it is mid-June, I've finally given in. They aren't coming back. I'll sadly pull out the dead shrubs then next time I'm out working. 

Pink dahlia
A gorgeous pink dahlia from last year's dahlia container garden

The upside is that I'll be able to plant something in the empty spot. Another opportunity for creativity, and another opportunity to watch mother nature's magic unfold before my eyes. 

If you've seen my work, you know any garden is a constant source of inspiration.  My floral abstract art print: 

Abstract floral art print in blue and green


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Blue & White Fine art print by Jenny Bova. Blue linear pattern in background with white silhouetted floral and leaf shapes in the foreground. Small white border for artists signature. Print is on a white brick wall over a wood table filled with white porcelain vases


As long as I'm strolling through the garden on the way to the studio, chances are good you'll see it in my work! Shop now to bring the garden inside. As always, thanks for being here. 


handwritten jenny sign-off





A walk through the garden with Jenny, and a quick look at the floral and garden themed prints designed for products.
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