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New In the Shop: Daily Planner Printable Pages

Get Organized With Our New Daily Planner

With a little nudge from a dear friend I decided to add some daily planning pages to my shop. I’m not sure why I waited so long to make this happen, because now that I have them, I use them constantly! I love being able to toss a single page in my purse and leave my bulky planner on my desk where it belongs. No more lugging the entire year around when I just need one page! If the idea of not having organized days all in a row at the end of the year drives you crazy, then get a 3 ring binder and file them away at the end of the day. Easy peasy! Buy one for $3.50 or all 3 for $6.00. Shop by clicking the photo or button below.

Image of Jenny Bova's daily planning page with pink, orange, and yellow watercolor florals around the edges. There are slots for morning, afternoon and evening.


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handwritten jenny sign-off

Prompted by a Rick Rubin quote, Jenny talks about honoring the things that make you happy and why it's so important.
Jenny shares part of the design process and a few finish selections for the new in-law suite/ studio.
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