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New Work Coming Soon

Multiple New Pattern Collections Launching This Month


I’m planning my collections a bit differently this year, and so far its been working quite well. When I’m immersed in design, I tend to be able to stay focused and get lots of new work done in 3-4 weeks. In between I can add in a collection or two, but it’s nice to have a body of work to share and promote. I’m getting ready for round 2 this year. May is going to be a design-heavy month again. My process starts with research and trends, but mostly as a jumping off point. I get a general idea of what I’d like to produce, but always add more of my hand and my style to what I’m creating. In the end, what I end up with feels current and up-to-date, and also very true to my style. It’s typically not ultra-trendy.

I’m feeling inspired by cut-outs and stencil-like silhouettes again. As I put together my tone of voice (mood board) for each collection I search for things that both inspire me and have the feeling of what that collection could become. Here is a photo that is on one of my tone of voice boards:


Image of pink and purple sky with silhouetted branches in black in the foreground


I also think about my own house, and the homes of the many interior design clients I’ve had over the years. What would fit in their home? Would I want this in my house? Or would I buy this stationery, notebook, or journal? If the answer is no, then it doesn’t make the cut!

The bold, graphic nature of this Richard Diebenkorn piece is speaking to me too. A simple range of color (but omg, that color), and such a strong statement. Diebenkorn made the board this time too, but he usually does!

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