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My Review of The Little Guides To Style


Little Book of Hermes



I love a good book. No matter how much I try to pare down, it seems like they always stack up again. One of my recent finds is a collection of books worth sharing. They are small, relatively inexpensive, and packed with great images and information. Fashion is a constant source of inspiration for me and always has been, so The Little Book series on iconic fashion houses is a great find. To start with I purchased The Little Book of Hermes and The Little Book of Valentino. In my cart are the boxed sets for a future purchase. I wanted to be able to flip through the books first and make sure that they were something I would want in a box set. I'm sold!


Little Book of Valentino


Each one of these books is small and pretty, so they look great stacked on my shelf. I like that they are easy to pick up and flip through. As much as I love the giant fashion retrospective books, they are hard to use as a quick reference. Note that they are called "little books" for a reason. They are slighter bigger than my hand, to give you an idea. 

Little Guides to Style



I hope you enjoy this series as much as I have!

Note: I am NOT an affiliate. I just recommend things that I think you will love. 


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