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Floral Bouquet Printable Planner Pages

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One of our most popular giveaways is our printable weekly planner. Now we've got an updated series of planner designs available in the shop for you to download and print at home. This series includes matching designs on a grocery shopping list, a weekly meal planner, and a weekly schedule. Each design is made for an 8.5x11 inch sheet of paper. 

In germ conscious 2020 we are all reluctant to bring our devices out in the store as it's one more thing to sanitize. Our printable grocery list makes it easy to eliminate the phone and have your list handy at all times. Want to go a step further? Add the Weekly Meal Planner so you've got a plan for the week, which means fewer trips to the store! Who doesn't love that?

Lastly, for time blocking schedulers like me, the Weekly Planner Page is perfect for making sure you fit in all of the things you need to get done in a week. It's a super efficient way of planning and getting things done! 

Would you like see this as a physical product you can purchase? Let us know! 

Peek Into Jenny's Process

Jenny starts each and every design by hand. Painting, drawing & printing artwork in her studio is the essence of each work, adding details that can never be replicated digitally. Not one to shy away from the magic of Photoshop, Jenny uses technology sparingly, but wisely. Perfectly imperfect, we like to call it. Each pattern is in perfect repeat, and each design shows the artists hand.