Pre-order the 2024 Desk Calendar

Pre-order the 2024 Desk Calendar

Desk Goals: 2020 Creative Calendar Sale!

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Desk Goals!!:

Still looking to spruce up your desk during these cold, gray days? My 2020 Desk Creative Calendar features artwork and prints on each page. Each month fits perfectly in a standard 5x7” frame and will give your desk a stylish bit of cheer. Did you know we were featured on the gift guide? If you didn’t get a copy, now is the time to treat yourself! I’ve just reduced the price to $12and added a flat-fee shipping rate of $5 for the calendar (no other products get the flat-fee shipping rate, must ship within the US). Head over to THE SHOP and pick your copy up today. We’re only 2 weeks into the year and there are plenty more days to savor.


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