Find Your Creative Sweet Spot


I have always placed a high value on creative expression in it’s many forms. Sometimes I think people take the word creativity too literally. When I say express yourself creatively some people respond with “oh, I can’t draw”. My heart sinks when I hear this. I know how satisfying it is to be able to express yourself, your personality, and your values through creative expression.

I’ve gathered a few of my favorite tutorials from Creative Bug to share with all of my “I’m not creative” friends. I believe everyone is creative and can find joy in making. You can sign up for a free trial and complete some of these classes to find out if you like Creative Bug as much as I do. While affiliate links are included, I’m a member and use Creative Bug regularly. I never recommend anything I don’t use myself!

  1. Living a More Creative Life: 30 Ways in 30 Days

    Taught by Artist & Explorer Courtney Cerutti, this class is described perfectly by Creative Bug: “This series is perfect for aspiring artists, crafters who are in a rut, and anyone who suspects that a creative habit would be good for their soul - your eyes will be opened to new creative possibilities that are easy to practice every day. No matter your skill level, we hope you’ll show up, bring a playful attitude and a willingness to try new things.”

image of daily artwork and a book by Courtney Cerutti of Creative Bug

2. Daily Creativity Challenge

  1. This class is perfect for you if you want a “creative sampler” and aren’t sure where you find your creative magic. This class helps you stoke your creative fires and find new ways to invigorate your creative practice. It ranges the gamut and features many artists across many disciplines. It’s a great place to dive in!


image of watercolor palette, paintbrush, and sketchbook with watercolor circles and faces


3. Paper Flowers with Livia Cetti

It’s no mystery that I love flowers…. they’re a central design motif in most of my work. I have recently been introduced to the world of paper flowers and how exquisite they can be. In this class you’ll dye your own tissue and craft a bouquet of paper anemones. You’ll even learn how to arrange your paper flowers when they’re done. Not a fan of anemones? Well Livia has a handful of classes on Creative Bug with other varieties of flowers.


image of woman in a blue and white dress holding a bouquet of purple, pink, red, and white handmade paper flowers.

Honestly, it’s easy to find something that will pique your interest on Creative Bug. By clicking on the link below you will be taken to a special holiday discount page. Jump over while the deal is still available!

While my recommended options above are indeed art and craft related, don’t limit your thinking to the visual arts. What about cooking, coding, or music? What have you wanted to do since you were a kid? Don’t wait. You’ll find a world of joy inside of making something! And I guarantee that you can find an expert online! Happy Creating!


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