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2021 Desk Calendar Featured on Print & Pattern Blog


I was honored to have my 2021 Calendar featured on Print & Pattern Blog. I’ve been a long-time reader of Marie’s and love her Print & Pattern books. You may know her as bowiestyle. Regardless, all lovers of print are familiar with her lovely and prolific blog.

jenny bova's 2021 calendar on the front page of the print and pattern blog


Marie tends to let the images do the talking and she featured many images of my calendar. It’s always our most popular product of the year, so it’s exciting to see that enthusiasm shared.


 Image of Jenny Bova's 2021 Calendar with the month of May showing. Calendar is in a stack on a marble countertop. There is a fresh lavender bouquet on the left.

If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, head on over to the shop and pick up a copy today. We are shipping them as fast as the orders come! Then head over and read the post. Thanks, Marie!


handwritten jenny sign-off


Prompted by a Rick Rubin quote, Jenny talks about honoring the things that make you happy and why it's so important.
Jenny shares part of the design process and a few finish selections for the new in-law suite/ studio.
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