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Our 2019 Calendar. 2020 is in the works!



It’s August which can only mean that it’s time to start thinking about next year! Product design and development time! Wait, what happened to back-to-school? Well, that too. We have just one back-to-schooler this year and one home schooler, which means we have to be extra organized. I noticed when I flipped my Bova Creative calendar to August that there are only a few months left in 2019! It’s time for a new version! We are exploring other calendar formats as well. Have any ideas? If so drop me a line on the Contact page. Happy planning! We will let you know when the new calendar hits the shop.

EDIT: Looking for our latest calendar? The 2023 Desk Calendar is now in the shop and can be purchased here.


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Autumn but not quite winter: see the color inspiration for the month of November.
Still shopping? If you want to make sure you get your gifts in time, check this post for our holiday shipping deadlines. Happy Shopping!
It's obvious to be grateful for the big things in life, but what about the small daily joys? Jenny notes the simple things that made her happy this week before Thanksgiving.