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Patterned & Painted Gift Tags

Choose a Size

We love a perfectly finished gift, how about you? Our gift tags are filled with color and pattern! Some are printed on card stock with a matte finish, and others are original watercolor tags. We can't possibly offer personal selection since there are so many choices. Let us know which color range you prefer in the checkout comments. We can't promise that specific tags will be available. 

You can purchase these 3 ways: 

• You can purchase a single gift tag

• You can add a single gift tag to your gift wrap purchase. We will select a coordinating tag. (Gift wrap sold separately here) If you'd like, we will fill out the tag for you. Just leave the text in our checkout comments. 

• You can purchase a pack of 5 and make them your own. 

* Note: We recommend using a sharpie to write on our gift tags to avoid smudging. 


Peek Into Jenny's Process

Jenny starts each and every design by hand. Painting, drawing & printing artwork in her studio is the essence of each work, adding details that can never be replicated digitally. Not one to shy away from the magic of Photoshop, Jenny uses technology sparingly, but wisely. Perfectly imperfect, we like to call it. Each pattern is in perfect repeat, and each design shows the artists hand.