Giving Ourselves A Little Grace: Heading into 2021


As we get into the full swing of the new year, I’m learning to give myself a little bit of grace. I’m also being as flexible as possible. The last month alone has brought some hard realities to the table that have me looking at what makes a life worthwhile. As much as I love to plan, it’s been difficult for me after both the upheaval of 2020 and the fact that life can hand you a crappy card at any moment. I want nothing more than to look beyond the to-do list and the goals to just slow down and be present.

To be clear, It’s not my crappy card …this time. I should still, theoretically, be plowing ahead and have my eyes focused forward. I am a planner and a goal setter, after all. However, I’m looking at things a little bit differently. Clean slate. Pandemics and health crises abound and life just feels a bit different this year.


photo by: rawpixel


Ironically, I’ve done a lot more in the first few weeks of this year without having a “SMART” goal or a resolution. I’ve focused on how I want to feel and what makes me feel happy and alive. I moved my computer out of my home office and into the living room. The dogs are at my feet all day, and I see my kids and my husband a lot more. I’m not cold because the fireplace is right next to my makeshift “desk”. Am I interrupted more? No question. However, being closer to my family and being able to help the elderly dog makes my heart happy. When my heart is happy, I want to create. When I create, my heart is happy. Wash, rinse, repeat. Three and a half new surface pattern collections under my belt so far and lots of precious family time in between. To me, that’s a glorious start. Don’t waste your desires for someday. Give yourself some grace, ease back from the to-do list and invite some joy into your days. It can all change in the blink of an eye. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that nothing is a given. Onward, with hope and love.

handwritten jenny sign-off