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March Color Inspiration: My Faves

I designed a board using pinks and grays because that's sort of what the emerging spring felt like in early March. It felt drab and underwhelming when I revisited it a few weeks later. As much as I love a challenge, my color comfort zone was the right place to be this month. This palette rules my life and, along with black, continues to find its way back, even when I try to stray. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 

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 A collage of images featuring blue, green, gold, and off white. One image is a floral textile design by Jenny Bova, an ariel shot of Pleasant Bay on Cape Cod and the North Beach sea break, a blue hydrangea blooming, beach dunes, and seagrass. A series of solid color blocks is across the bottom, and the Jenny Bova logo is on the left. the format is a rectangle


As always, thanks for being here!


handwritten jenny sign-off

Prompted by a Rick Rubin quote, Jenny talks about honoring the things that make you happy and why it's so important.
Jenny shares part of the design process and a few finish selections for the new in-law suite/ studio.
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