Designer Selection of Top 6 Minted Holiday Cards for 2021


Far too often, I put holiday cards on the bottom of my list. Sadly, some years they simply don’t happen. I love receiving cards, which means I need to send them each year too! Cards have become a more streamlined project now that it’s so easy to upload your family photo and get great quality prints right on the card. Images are easy to upload, but it is more difficult to round up the troops and get that perfect photo.

I am a huge fan of Minted and the way the company supports designers. There are some fabulous holiday card options on Minted this year, so I thought I’d share my favorites. I include photo and non-photo cards for those of you who have a hard time getting “the photo.” I do receive a small affiliate fee if you click on my Minted links below. I appreciate the support and only share things that I would (and will!) buy myself. Between now and November 1, you can use code JOY2021 for 15% off all holiday cards, so hop to it!

First up is my favorite non-photo card by Lea Delavaris. It is simple and fun. I love that it comes in a 6x8 inch size, which is more significant than most typical holiday cards and instantly feels memorable. Never mind that there is no photo. It’s not needed with this gem! Your holiday greeting will definitely get noticed!


Holiday card in red with the letters REJOICE in silhouette



Next up is a semi-photo card, Joyful Forest by Elly. If you like, there is space for a photo on the back of this card, but I don’t think it’s 100 percent necessary. This card feels so abundant and full of life. It’s an envelope full of cheer. Also, it’s got foil which takes the design up a notch. You can even opt for coordinated envelope liners!

joy to the world holiday card from minted

Not to be missed is Allegory by Leia Matt. This beauty, in my favorite blues, has my heart. It reminds me of Matisse’s paper cut work and the chapel in Vence. It’s just lovely and imperfect. I much prefer to see the artist’s hand in the work. This does not disappoint. Plus, it’s available in many colors if blue isn’t your jam.

Image of a holiday card with a white cutout dove holding a cutout blue olive branch on a dark blue background


Now that you have 3 excellent non-photo card choices let’s get into my favorite photo cards. Script font cards are easy to come by, but they don’t always feel as elegant or formal as I want in a holiday card. I’m pretty picky about my script font cards. This option designed by Alexandra Cohn is spot on. It is clean, elegant, and also very legible. Have you ever had to squint to make out handwritten fonts? That won’t happen with this card! Your photo will be the star of the show.


Photo holiday card with Merry Christmas in cursive and a white border

Sometimes it’s nice to have something other than just a photo on your card. I like cards that leave room for creative expression, and this plaid option from Annie Clark does just that. I’m not saying there is a theme to my favorite choices, but “papercut” does keep coming up. Below is Paper Cut Plaid by Annie Clark.

Last but definitely not least: Sparkle Trees by Morgan Ramberg. If I made greeting cards, I imagine they might feel a little bit like this. Lots of fullness and texture, not to mention the gold foil again. It’s so festive!

holiday trees card minted


I’m going to have a hard time deciding which card to send this year! These are my favorites, but the options for color, size, card format, photo or not, envelopes, liners, etc., are extensive. You can truly customize your own card and send a unique and memorable holiday greeting. Head on over to Minted and check out the options!


collage of all of jenny's Minted holiday card picks


handwritten jenny sign-off

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