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In The Studio

See Jenny's February 2023 Inspiration Board. If you like cheerful flowers, you're going to love it!
See Jenny's January 2023 color palette and mood board for a gorgeous red color story.
Check out Jenny's December inspiration board and color selections.
A November color palette that doesn't even touch red or yellow! Jenny's mood board this month is channeling a laid-back autumn Sunday.
Jenny shares her October Inspiration board for 2022, featuring a sophisticated autumn palette.

See Jenny’s May inspiration mood board. This month it’s all pinks, corals, and oranges!

The garden is an endless source of inspiration for my art and patterns. See what is inspiring me this chilly April morning.

January’s Color Inspiration Mood Board!

Check out my December Inspiration and a fabulous muted holiday color palette!

Jenny’s November color palette and inspiration board features warm autumn colors with pops of purple and chartruse.

Jenny’s monthly mood board. See the colors and images that are inspiring Jenny this month.